Real Estate Agent

Nia H.
Grade 9th
May 1, 2014
Hunt High School

Project Purpose - Become more familiar with a potential career and a college that would allow me to get this degree.

Ultimate Goal To Be A Real Estate Agent

I might want to pursue this career because: You can make alot of money and you can make people happier with their homes.

A Description Of This Career Is

When you sale buildings/houses and make a profit on them. You can rent them out, lease them, or sale them.

I Might Want To Pursue This Career Because

It would be my dream to help people find and obtain their dream home.

How Much Will You Make If You Do This Job?

Beginning: $35,000

Highest Salary: $54,000-$100,000+

Average Salary: $41,990

How Many Years Will It Take You To Reach This Goal

Up to 4 years .

What Kind Of Degree Is Required

High School Diploma, 75-hour pre-licensing course, and passing the Commission's state licensing examination. I also will pursue a Bachelor's Degree. (Business)


College Name

East Carolina University

College Location

Greenville, NC


Not living on campus: $ 8,300 (Per Year)

Living on campus: $15,317 (Per Year)

What's the ratio of undergraduate students to teachers at this college


What are 3 other colleges or universities that offer this degree?

1: University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

2: North Carolina State University

3:  Arizona State Universtiy

Is High School Chemistry Required To Be Admitted Into This College


Will Chemistry BE Required To Earn A Degree In This Area?


Minimum HS GPA

2.5 or higher


What Are Some Other Classes You Can Take While Still In High School That Will Help To Prepare You For This Career Or To Decide Whether Or Not This Career Might Br Right For You?

1: Intro to business

2: Computer

3: Career Managment

What Other Degrees That Interest You Are Offered At This Particular College? If Your First One Does Not Work Out And You Have To Switch Majors, You Don't Want To Have To Switch Schools. What Are Some Other Degrees Offered At This College That You'd Be Interested In?

1: Political Science/BS

2: Theater Arts/BFA

3: Child Life/BS

Whats The Best Thing You Learned From Doing This Project?

The Best Thing I Learned About This Project Is The Amount Of Money You Can Make Selling Properties.

Where Did I Get My Information From ?

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