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iPhone Is Grabbing The Market Of Mobility From Others

iPhone is renowned for its highly interactive user interface and robust operating system. These dynamic features have made it one of the most popular and highly used smart phones in the world. When comes to its role in the enterprise mobility management, iPhone has upper hand than any other popular smart phone. According to the latest mobility index report of enterprise mobility firm Good Technology, Apple iOS devices hold the pride of the most activated smart phones in the enterprise mobility sector that accounted 72% of the market.

The report also shows that iPhone6 itself only accounts 26% of the total number of devices activated in the first quarter of 2015, and the next place was occupied by Samsung's Galaxy S5. Secure IM and secure browsing apps are highly accepted apps on the iPhone.

Apple iOS devices have made a great impression on regulated industries, accounting around 83% device activations in the education sector, 80% in the public sector and 76% in the finance sector. Even In terms of tablet use in the enterprise mobility management also, Apple devices occupy 81% of the market. The report also reveals the use of mobile apps in the enterprises, which is increased by 28 percent from the end of 2014.

The increased domination of Apple on the enterprise mobility sector credit goes to the iPhone6 versions. Since their release in September 2014, iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus have made a large impact on the business smart phone landscape. Though Android and Windows are putting considerable effort to rise in the enterprise mobility sector, the release of iPhone6 versions has overshadowed their efforts.

As Apple CEO Tim Cook said, iOS devices are used by around 98% of the Fortune 500 and 92% of the Global 500 companies, in which the ratio of iPhone versions is large in extent.

Why iPhone is highly used in the enterprise mobility sector?

iPhone is a hot favorite device of a large number of enterprises all over the world for its highly advanced features. The latest release of iPhone 6 devices helps enterprises to fasten their work process and increase productivity at the work. There are many reasons for enterprises prefer iPhone 6, such as:

Higher Security:

One of the major concerns for any enterprise is the security of their data. At any cost, enterprises try to use all possible methods to prevent sensitive data from being hacked. iPhone apps are considered as more secure than any other apps in the market. Integrated data handling systems and data loss prevention are the unique features of iPhone6.

Superior Interface:

The interface of the iPhone devices is extremely intuitive, which stimulates employees to involve in their work with more concentration. It is one of the reasons for why enterprises prefer iOS apps though it is expensive.

Higher Scalability:

Scalability is one of the first things enterprises consider while choosing mobile apps platform. It is mainly because the growing amount of work expects more efficiency from tools used to get done the work. iPhone devices are great in terms of scalability, ensuring steady performance on the growing amount of work.

Security and quality are the two major considerations in building enterprise apps that show the real success of apps. By owning iPhone apps, enterprises can solidly augment their work productivity and business revenue. It is always better tying up with a reputed app development company to build your enterprise apps that ensures your app will have a great user experience and functionality.

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