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Mid-February 2014
Attendance Apps and More!

Attendance, Copyright, and Course Design

This issue of 3 Great Things! includes apps for taking attendance on your iPhone or Android device, a couple of great resources on copyright and Moodle, and some terrific design tips for your Moodle course.

Great Thing #1

What can and can't be included in any online course often comes down to a question of copyright. As educators we need to practice excellent digital citizenship as an example for our students. Luckily, there are some great resources available that break down what can and cannot be included in your Moodle course:



Great Thing #2

Tired of the same old course design? Want to shake things up so students are more engaged and excited to be in your course? Take a look at these articles for inspiration (not all tools present in these links are available in the WCC version of Moodle)

Designing Aesthetically Pleasing Moodle courses:


13 Engaging Ways to Use Moodle:


Moodle Video Tutorials:


Great Thing #3

There's a great attendance tool in Moodle but sometimes it isn't convenient to use, for instance in face-to-face courses taking attendance on your phone or tablet might be a better approach. Here are two (one iOS and one Android) attendance apps to try.

Teacher's Aide offers Attendance and gradebook options for up to 3 courses- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/teachers-aide-attendance-gradebook/id510174556?mt=8

Attendance Tracker for Android devices allows you to import contacts from Google spreadsheets or contacts- a nice addition for Google Apps for Education users (like WCC!):


Bonus Great Thing!

Writing analysis tools have interesting applications for beginning writing courses at all levels. Hemingway and StoryToolz are two options. Hemingway can serve as a virtual peer-review tool as it provides students with a readability score and flags passive voice, complex sentences and others writing aspects. StoryToolz, which has an idea generator has definite applications for creative writing courses. Although these tools are generally for K-12, there are applications as the community college level as writing experiences and skills for that group can vary significantly.

Hemingway: http://www.hemingwayapp.com/

StoryToolz: http://www.storytoolz.com/

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