Is there a conection between young women drinking and getting raped?

Jocelyn Ibarra
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If a young women gets blind drunk they run a very serious risk of being raped.Over the years, rapists have been let off the hook because of their victims’ failure to fight them off, sexual experience, reputation, demeanor, clothing and – yes – drinking.While binge drinking has long been associated with men and boys, it is, in fact, a common occurrence among females; one in eight women and one in five high school girls engage in the behavior, leading to some 23,000 deaths among American women and girls each year.In history we can see that women did not drink at old times this is way there were less cases of being raped than there is now a days.The formal sanction for all rapist is to go to jail.People demonstrate different types of negative santctions when they see young women getting blind drunk.When women go out to these parties they do not use proper clothing(folkway).When the women tell their stories some people feel like they are in their shoes (verstehen)and just of thinking about it makes them become terrified.


Femenists want to redisgn criminal law so that it stops the rapist from raping.

Women remain vulnerable to forms of sexual violence against which the criminal law does not adequately protect them.

Rapists have been let off the hook because of their victim failure to fight them off.


Men have long been valorized for binge drinking women must be valorized for it too?

Rather than seeking gender equality by advising women they are entitled to drink as much as men,we might consider condemning this behavoir in both genders


Star athletes at schools loke Notre Dame see their rapist teamates let off scot free and follow their example.

Most survivors women, men and gender non-conforming people know their assailant.

Drunken people do not stumble into getting raped rapist use alcohol as a weapon.

Society blames the women for getting raped.In most cases the assailant is some one close to the victim it may be in revenge.Definetley drinking makes it much easier for the women to get raped because they can not defend themselves.Women stay quiete after being raped because they do not want to be judge wich is why many rapist are free because their victim does not tell the police.

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