Misc. Teacher/Student Tools


Plickers is a tool that allows teachers to collect real-time feedback from their students without the need for students devices.  They're basically paper clickers!

Teachers print out a classroom set of Plickers and pass one out to each student.  When they're ready to gather feedback, students hold up the correct side of their Plicker and the teacher scans the room with an app on their cell phone to gather the student data. Teachers easily gather assessment data from their students!

Plickers could be used in a classroom as an exit ticket to determine the level of student's understanding.  Plickers could also be used as a test review tool with teachers asking questions and students answering using the Plickers.  Plickers is a great tool for students of all ability, as it allows students to participate without feeling self-conscious about whether they're right or wrong.  This would be a useful tool for students of all ages, elementary through high school.


Vocaroo is an online voice-recording tool.  It's a no-nonsense website that is very basic.  Users simply click the record button to record and the stop button when they're done.  Vocaroo allows you to email your voice recording, embed the recording, or attach it to a qr code for easy access.  Vocaroo doesn't require any accounts or log-ins so all students could access and use it.

Teachers could use Vocaroo to leave instructions for students when they can't be in the classroom.  In foreign language classes, students could easily record themselves speaking in another language.  Vocaroo could also be used as an alternative to writing answers or thoughts.  Many times, we have students who struggle with writing.  These students may have difficulty expressing their thoughts fully through writing, but could use Vocaroo to record their thoughts and ideas and email them to the teacher.  


Tagul is a word cloud creation tool.  Users are able to type in the words they want in their word cloud and then customize the end product by changing colors, fonts, and shape of the word cloud.  Tagul also allows you to copy and paste from other documents to create a word cloud.

Students could use Tagul to create word clouds for new vocabulary words.  Teachers could use Tagul as a new form of a KWL chart by creating word clouds for what students already know and want to know before starting a new unit.  In a social studies classroom, students could take a famous speech, letter, or other primary source, copy and paste it into Tagul, and get a visual summary of the document.  We know that many of our students are visual learners.  Tagul would be a great tool to help those students who have trouble interpreting text by making it more of a visual tool.  


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