Tale of Two Cities mini dictionary

Paupers: A person lacking the means to financially support themselves.

Example: The paupers appreciated food stamps from the government.

Staid: Respectable and unadventurous.

Example: The staid man was always focused on his work.

Toil: Hard work.

Example: After the many toils of the day the women were exhausted.

Petulantly: Showing sudden irritation.

Example: Anna petulantly looked at her coworker.

Apocryphal: Having doubtful authenticity.

Example: The signed baseball was apocryphal.

Viands: Dishes of food.

Example: The waiters brought out the various viands

Edifying: To benefit or instruct morally or spiritually.

Example: The lecture was edifying

Sacristan: A official in charge of taking care of the church.

Example: The sacristan was busy cleaning up the church.

Conflagration: Fire that destroys lots of land and property.

Example: The conflagration spread across the land.

Penitential: Feeling bad for doing something wrong.

Example: Sally felt penitential.

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