7th-Grade English Portfolio

My Portfolio Refelection

1. How would you describe your writing at the beginning of the year and how would you describe it now?

My writing int he begging of the year was very boring and plain. I never really put  in what i felt and i just answered the answers very truthfully but with no emotion. I have noticed that i have really improved a lot sine the begging, Because i am not scared to share what i think and what i feel. I put in more details so the reader does not get bored when they are reading.
2. What do you consider your writing strengths? Explain.

I think my writing strengths are that i have gone through a lot for a 13 year old, and i can usually know what someone is feeling or or put myself in the situation. My other writing strengths is that i am not scared to show my feelings and if i believe in something very strongly i will prove my point right.
3. What writing skills do you need and/or want to continue to develop next year? Explain.

I really need to work on not rumbling on for a long time when i am writing. I always have a lot to say but i never know the right time to stop writing. I also need to work on not saying something more than once, i sometimes write something and then write the same thing a sentence later. I really need to work on correcting my own paper because i try to check my writing but i get really bored from it and then i do not finish and the writing never looks complete.
4. What piece of writing from this year best captures your growth as a writer and thinker? Explain why.

The best piece that captures my growth for this year to is the Final Holocaust Letter because i got to make my own character in my mind and make it as realistic as i could. I could pretend i was really in the Holocaust and before i do not think i could do that.

5. What piece of writing from this year are you most proud of? Explain why.

I am most proud of the Perspective writing because the topic was something i really cared about. The topic is more mature and out there. I got to share what i really felt and the problems i had. I am was not bored while i was writing this and i was really in to writing the essay.

Artifact #1

Holocaust Letter #1


My name is Cindy Herntz, and I am 12 years old. I have two older brothers that are twins and are named Marek and Lois, and one younger sister named Lucy. We live in Lvov, Poland. My parents are the best! they work so hard to be able to feed as everyday. My dad is Jewish but my mom is not. They have lived here since they have been born.

I have only gone to school for one eight years because my parents did not have enough money for me to go, my brothers get to go to school because my mom and dad wants them to be able to have some education so they can help provide for us when they get older. I learn by the books my dad gets me.

“You are the smartest 12 year old i have ever met” my dad would always say when he say me reading the books he got me.

My dad is a hat maker and my mom is a stay home mom so we need them succeed in their education. My dad makes all kinds of hats like the bowler, gambler, lawman, and my favorite the empire. I help my mom around the apartment, and I like taking care of Lucy when my mom is not. Everyday they come home from school i think to myself what a waste of money, they will never learn anything, why not give me the chance too.

I help my mom around the apartment, and I like taking care of Lucy when my mom is not home, But when I am allowed to go outside I love to go swimming in the community pool and talk about boys with my friends Mai and Hanna. Mai is a very pretty blond girl, I love to braid her hair. Mai is one of of the prettiest girls i have ever seen, she thinks i am really good at doing hair so she always lets me style it. He hair is wavy, its not like crazy wavy but it is the perfect wavy. Hanna is the funny one in our group. Hanna has seven brothers we always like hearing about the funny stories she experiences with them. She has a twin brother that I am very fond of and everybody keeps telling me that he wants to go to the movies with me.

“Hi Cindy” he always says when he sees me.

“Hi Jon” I say back to him.

Hanna and Mai always laugh at me because I never have the courage to say anything else. Other than swimming I really want to become a nurse someday. I have always had the joy of helping my mom when Lucy is sick. I feel wonderful when I help the sick and that is something I want to spend my life doing. Cant wait to hear from you!


Cindy Herntz

Artifact #2

From the Outside Looking In

        “It feels as if you are drowning and you look up to see all of your family and friends not doing anything to help you”. This is how my brother described his depression to me.

        About eight months ago we found out that my brother was severely depressed. I didn’t find out until about a week in. I didn’t see anything wrong with him, all I could see was that he was getting a lot of things and my parents were letting him do more stuff than usual. But, I could feel that the atmosphere of our family was different: Matthew would curse more, and get frustrated more. My brother was the last person I would think would get depressed but sometimes the nice people are the ones that have most problems in their lives.

        He got so mad so often and he would get away with it. I asked myself why so many times. My mom would cry to bed because he wasn’t being himself and we all felt we were doing our best to help him. He got on my nerves so much that sometimes when he was being rude I would take my anger out on him and swear back at him but that never helped.

        I tried to hide it and pretend it didn’t bother me when my friends came over and he was cursing at me or our mom. Hiding what was going on at home was easier to do at school because my friends distracted me. Telling my teachers and my friends that my brother got a concussion was hard for me to say because I knew it was a bigger deal than that. I felt I had no one to talk to about it, so I would cry myself to sleep and wake up with puffy red eyes that stung. I felt I didn’t get any attention from my parents, I got overwhelmed with school work, I started to have problems with my friends, feel uncomfortable with my body shape, and I wasn't making good decisions. This lead to me cutting myself. I struggled with how to express my emotions.

        When I told my parents I could tell they thought I was doing it for attention. Looking back, maybe a small fraction of it was for them to notice me more. That day they talked to me about how I was feeling and that made me feel a lot better. Our family has been doing more things together, we have each others’ back, and we tell each other what we are feeling when something is wrong. Even though this has been hard on everyone and knowing that my brother is still not 100% well yet, I know and he knows that this trial has made him and our family stronger than ever before.

With a perspective, I’m PK.

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