Reminders, Ideas, and Thoughts to Ponder...

Happy Friday!


-What do you need to abandon to get the kind of work done we need to do? Are you satisfied with good or will you go for great?  You will have to give up the good to go for GREAT!

- Something to think about: At this time of year, we can tend to think if we teach it louder and with more angst, they may just hear it better...  :)  Keep in mind- the relationships you have spent half of the year building.  Tap into those when looking to move students forward in their learning.  Try engaging in some personal conversations with them to keep this relationship intact, especially for those students who you may start to show  frustration and withdraw.

- Thank you to our PE coaches for hosting many, many families on Tuesday and Wednesday!  The parents are very impressed! 

- Get excited! Our Ferguson Strategic Planning Core Team will be presenting our new mission statement next week at our faculty meeting!  So very proud of their work!  Talk about teaching and learning with PURPOSE!

-Click here for some Fabulous February Fun! 

Have a great weekend!