White Fang

Goodmorning everybody, today we are going to talk about the story of White Fang for the project READ-ON.

Somewhere in the Artic, there was a group of dogs pulled a sled. There were two men carried a third dead manin a box on the sled. Every night the wolfs came to their camp trying to kill the dogs. Finally only three dogs rimind alive. Once One Eye one of the dog was attracted by the she-wolf. Billy got his gun and tried shot the wolf for save him but the other wolf

The red she-wolf escaped from then all near the fire, met two wolves a young gray one and another with only One Eye who wanted to make her their meat. After having ran for the rest of the day, they met a moose killed by the rest of the pack. Left alone with the she-wolf the two wolves fighted for her and finally the old one won. The capple hunted and ate the all day and then found a cave. One Eye went out but when he returned he found his meat with her little cups so he couldn't enter and after some time he died fighting a lynx. One day while the red wolf was hunting the little gray cub went out and came to a steam where he found a birdie and he attacted him but soon his mother arrived to help him as did she-wolf at the end and they came back into the cave to sleep.

The world out the cave was unknown and dangerous but the one with is mother was a nice one.
One day his mother and cub went out and saw five strange animals, there were five Indians, as soon as they met each other white fang understood thet his mother was a dog and not a she wolf. The Indian took his mother away from him. He could do nothing against him.

In the autumn, the Indians took down their tepees, pached their bags and got their canoes ready to go hunting. WhiteFang decided not to go with them. Now he could be free. He ran throught the trees and into a steam. But in the next day he was weak and hungry. When he was nearly too tired to stand up, he heard the sounds of the camp. He saw that Grey Beaver sat next to the fire and he gave White Fang some meat. When it was the middle of December, Grey Breaver went his son, Mit-sah, and his wife,Kloo-kooch. White Fang learned a new lesson. he didn't bit the boy's hand, because there were his gods, and there were other gods. White Fang learned thet it was his job to protect Grey Beaver's family and property.

When GreyBeaver finished his long  journey and White Fang was now a year old. His coat was a wolf-grey colour, and he looked like a wolf. He was strong, and he could fight with the older dogs and win. The wolf in him made him very different and much more dangerous, and so the other dogs left him alone. When he was three years old, there was another famine. There were no wild animals to kill, and no fish in the rivers or lakes. During this time, White Fang left the camp and went to live in the woods. One day he saw a young wolf in the woods. The wolf was thin and weak. After a minute, he killed the young wolf and ate him. In the last days of the famine, he met Lip-Lip and they began to fight Lip-lip was too weak to fight back, and he died quickly. One day White Fang looked out from the woods and saw a clearing. He recognized some of the faces. He came out from the trees and trotted into the village. Grey Beaver was not there, but Kloo-kooch was happy to see him and gave him some fish.

When White Fang was nearly five years old, Grey Beaver took him on another great journey. When they stopped at villages, they did not recognize the fact that he was part wolf, and they were not ready for his fast and dangerous attacks. White Fang saw white men for the first and felt sure that they were different. White Fang spent his time starting fights with the white men's dog but none of them could fight well. Then he left them for the other Indian dogs to kill. When it happened, the men chesed the Indian dogs and hit them with heavy sticks while white Fang watched. One man liked the fights more than any of the others. As soon as he heard a steamer coming, he ran down to the dock to meet it. His name was Smith. He was a coward, and like many cowards, he was a cruel man, too. White Fang was in Grey Beaver's camp when Beauty Smith fist visited it. The Indian did not want to sell White Fang. He was rich and did not need the money. After a short time, he had no money left. The indian sat down with a bottle of whiskey and drank for an hour before Beauty Smith arrived and he was angry and afraid. He hit the animal again and again, until White Fang eas weak and sick. Grey Beaver understood that was not his property now. And it was time for him to leave Fort Yukon and start his journey home.

White Fang was a great fighter and defeating all the other dogs; one day white fang and Cherokee fighted. the dog pushes him to the ground and begins to choke him. Scott intervenes, he freeing White Fang, and hitting Smith and threatens to sue. during the time Scott managed to win the trust of the wolf.

Scott moved to California in his parents' house. the next morning on the ferry scott salt and white tusk follows him. scott a day went by horse and broke his leg. White Fang went and called her mother, who came to aiutre son. the escapee Jim Hall wants revenge on the father and scott does enter the house of Scott overnight. White Fang, though wounded,he managed to kill jim and save his family.

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