What was unique about Ancient Egyptians clothing?

Ancient Egyptians spent a lot of time on their appearances, especially upperclassmen.  They bathed in soda and rubbed perfumed oil on their skin. Both genders shaded their eyelids with green and black paints. Women used blush, lipstick, and perfume. They stained their nails with henna and kept all their cosmetics in beautiful decorated box chests. Unlike our cosmetics today, men wore as much makeup as women.  

Ancient Egyptians kept their clothes in boxes or baskets. The wealthy sent all their clothes to the river to be washed by the professional laundrymen. Because of the hot climate, the Egyptians wore white linen clothes and the children usually didn't wear any. Women wore robes with shoulder straps. Men wore either skirts or robes. Normal people usually did not wear shoes, but the wealthy wore sandals.

In Ancient Egyptian times men cut their hair short and wore wigs. Women also wore wigs or added fake briads to their hair. The wealty men and women wore wigs for sun protection. The poor had to wear skullcaps. Women had combs and hairpins to decorate their hair. Egyptologists found gel-like substances that can hold hair in different styles that the Egyptians used. To make the gel the Egyptians melted animal fat and added fragrence. They also had tools like curling tongs that they used with the gel to hold their curls in place.

Ancient Egyptians were very advanced in their makeup, clothing, and hairstyles. It is very unique that some of the clothing and cosmetics we use today, the Ancient Egyptians used back then. Their definition of beauty is a lot like our definition of beauty today.

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