Qin Dynasty

Lasted from 221-210 B.C.E

Emperor Qin ruled all of China for eleven years,and built the Great Wall of China. They built the wall because he thought that it would help protect his kingdom from intruders or attackers.He Needed protection from his enemies.He had only made it so long after that the wall was extended by later rulers.

Qin Tools and Weapons

The Qin Dynasty used tools and weapons made of bronze. They made armor out of bronze. Because they thought it was awesome. And very strong.They were some of the best fighters ever.They were strong because of their great armor and that the king was very strict and taught them to fight very well to win wars and battles.

Qin Dynasty

Qin was a legalist so his way of life of to get repeat through harsh discipline and being cautious of what he does.He was very strict and had lots of rules and if you didn't follow them then you were stamped on the head and made a slave for the rest of your life until you died.Rules such as widows couldn't  remarry ever.In 259 B.C.E prince Zheng was born and grew up and when he was 13 he became king of the Qin Dynasty sometime called the tiger of the Qin he was a very ambitious.He used spies and all sorts of military strategies to to conquer enemy states.

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