Coach White - Health - 3/31/14

My personal goal is to play Baseball the middle school team and when I get to High School to play for the High School also.

My Educational Goal is to graduate High School and then go to a University or a College and get my Masters or doctorate degree in Engineering and Design.

My nutritional and fitness goals are to stay healthy and never become obese and mainly to be fit.

My Humanitarian goal is to give more and receive less, because I know that there are people in the world who are less fortunate than I am. Knowing that I have a lot and some don't makes me want to give people who don't have what they need to survive what they need.

My personal career goal is to become an engineer and help design and build things needed in everyday life like automobiles, refrigerators, and houses there are many more than just these three. This is something that i would love to do and I am going to strive to achieve this goal.

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