In this it shows the sea floors. This movement of the sea floors does effect the biological movement and the climate change. It effects the climate change when the plates move and the rocks move and go through the trenches and get destoryed. What i mean by that is how im todays world anartica migrated to the oppisite to where it was and when that happens the animals that lived there in that they wont be able to ataped so they will die. Then that will create a fossil. Scientists cant find old continetal  crust because the crust gets destoryed because when it moves it goes through the trenches and the trenchs destory it and once its gone it cant come back. The project shows that because when you look at that display it shows the plates and were everything is labeled. This helps me understand this project  better because i can look at the display and be able to tell what we were doing in this project.

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