By: Julianne Tenaglia & Jenna McQuay
North, 4/24/14

Chinese Etiquette:

In China compliments of the host's food are expected.  Controversial and business like matters are not to be addressed until later. When you eat never use your fingers and when you need to refill your glass, your neighbor must refill it and you must refill theirs.  You use chopsticks to eat soup, rice, peanuts, and every item on your plate.  Also, chopsticks should never touch the table.  Finally, the most important person sits at the middle of the table and the second most important person sits right beside the most important person.  The honored guest must sit at the side of the table farthest from the door.


We found it surprising that in the Chinese etiquette they use chopsticks for every meal.  The Chinese etiquette differs from the United States etiquette.  China uses chopsticks to eat every meal and the people of the United States use utensils like forks, knives, and spoons to eat every meal.  It is important to understand a countries  etiquette because you do not want to disrespect their customs and traditions.  

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