Organs trade

What is it ?

We all know the famous story about someone waking up in a bathtub without his kidneys but is it real ? Let's give it a definition: According to the WHO (World Health Organization), illegal organ trade occurs when organs are removed from the body for the purpose of commercial transactions. The WHO also stated that payment for organs leads to profiteering and human trafficking. So you can see that it is a world issue and not just a bunch of fake stories that your uncle told you at Christmas. In fact, research indicates that illegal organ trade is on the rise. The report of GFI (Global Financial Integrity) estimates that the illegal organ trade generates profits of 1.2 billion per year with a span over a hundred countries. Maybe you'll say that it only happen in poor countries and that you are far away from this problem but you are wrong because it is also present in the United States of America and in Canada.

The list of the country where it is the most present:  Angola - Balkan Region - Brazil - Canada - China - Colombia - Costa Rica - Eastern Europe - Ecuador - Georgia - Haiti - India - Israel - Macedonia - Mexico - Pakistan - Peru - Philippines - South Africa - Turkey - USA - UK - Russia

WHO's picture organ-harvesting-cost-chart

Behind this enormous system of organ trade is a criminal network. Those networks engage in kidnapping of people, especially children and teens. When they succeed in this first step, their victims are taken to locations with medical equipment where they are murdered and their organs are harvested of the illegal organ trade.

The clients that buy organs on the black market aren't just people that desperately need a kidney. There is also a bunch of unhortodox scientist who need human's organs for their research.

Poverty and loopholes in legislation also contribute to the illegal trade of organs.

I do not have the recipe to solve this problem but some doctors are even fighting to get the market of organ to bet legal and more secured for people that need the money and the people that need organs.

From the comic book ROBOT6

By Maximilien Rathier

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