Role That Social Media Can Play In Experiential Marketing

When it comes to influencing customers through marketing – many brands have already realized that there is no better way of marketing than making the customers experience the products and it is also the best way of connecting with them and getting friends. No wonder that most of the major brands from all over the world have increased their spending on Experiential Marketing by almost 10% and presently this type of marketing is surely on a rise.

According to surveys, the financial instability that society faces in most countries in the world has made consumers more cautious about their spending and that makes it all the more important for the companies to maintain a close touch with their consumers for trying and understanding their actual requirements. As a result of this, experiential marketing is getting more and more interesting with passing time and a growing number of brands are also using these strategies for engaging their consumers with the brands. More than 50% of present day consumers are found to favor experiential marketing than other marketing methods and majority of those consumers also say that they prefer to buy a product only after they get the opportunity to try that. It is also found that event marketing is more efficient than other marketing methods by almost 50% for increasing brand awareness, influencing purchase decisions and generating recommendations.

It has been identified by the marketing experts that experiential marketing also plays a huge role in increasing purchases from the existing consumers and most important of all in many cases it is also capable of attracting and renewing lapsed consumers. Experiential marketing companies capable of organizing events as per the exact requirements of their clients are getting popular all over the world and if you are looking for expert professionals for efficiently promoting your brand or products they are no doubt the best available choice you have.

For online brand and product promotion experiential marketing and social media complement each other excellently as both of them focus upon keeping the consumers engaged with different types of activities using various types of communication. No doubt social media platforms are now the best place of bringing people together and make them involved with a particular brand. Social media is truly an effective way of initiating two-way communication. Proper strategic planning and execution of the marketing strategies on social media platforms can certainly improve positive brand response leading to a subsequent increase in the bottom line.

As a common trend it has been noticed that consumers in general prefer to get engaged in brand promotional activities as it can be a very good way of adding valuable experience to life. Social media platforms like Facebook are also growing in popularity and have kept their users spend a lot of time on those platforms. This common quality of keeping consumers engaged has worked exceptionally well for both experiential marketing companies and the social media platforms and your search for the right promotional partner can effectively end here at


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