The next new idol is Selenium Gomez

Why Get Selenium?
Why for one don't you hate staring at a blank wall Selenium noway days is used for making glass.
Second you need small amounts to survive "Good for the cells!"
Third if any pest come to you or on a vehicle large amounts are poisonous  "Good for animal control or alien control!"

                                                        Why they are ranked

Biological needs is a 2 star because people only need a little bit to survive. Social need is a one star well other people may not have some and they need it so people can trade and put it in a bottle. Functional need  is a two star because your cells need some to work. Defensive is a five star because have a lot is poison so if people have lots in a bottle they can defend themselves easily if they know the right amount to be poison.  

Other uses of Selenium
Now in the glass production they use Selenium
Solar Cells have Selenium in them too
When you photocopy Selenium is in the picture

Properties you need to know before you get Selenium

Melting point 221 °C

Boiling point 685 °C

Melts really fast and is a brick red

Stable and dense form of Selenium has a gray color

Has 34 protons and electrons and has 45 neutrons

Atomic number is 34

Atomic mass is 78.96

Selenium is a Metaliod

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