How Is American Society Represented In The Documentary.

How Is American Society Represented In The Documentary

I recently watched the documentary super-size me and this is where an ordinary man named Morgan who is extremely fit and really healthy eats McDonalds for thirty days straight and has to have at least everything on the menu once and if he gets offered the super-size he has to take it. The American society is represented through their opinions and questions that were asked by the guy in the documentary. They were asked how often they eat McDonalds and most of them replied with at least 2 times a week and this shows that most of them become obese and overweight. In America McDonalds is the most common store more than any other store or fast food place. Obesity in America is the second leading cause of death. 400 000 people a year die because of obesity which is extremely terrible I think this is because that there are McDonalds everywhere and if they reduced this then obesity would not be that big of a thing.

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