A Hero's Journey

Wreck-it Ralph Hero's Journey Chart

This tackk presentation will present Joseph Cambell's stages of a hero's journey through the story of Wreck-it Ralph

Wreck-it Ralph's home setting

1. Home Culture: Wreck-it Ralph lives in the dump of the Fix-It Felix Jr. game and is unappreciated by everyone.

Conflict at the 30th year anniversary party

2. Call to Adventure: Gene challenges Ralph to win a medal for the glory of proving him wrong.

3. Supernatural Aid:  Tapper points Ralph towards the right direction and Markowsji's armor is what allows him to perform his task. Vanellope is also considered as one as his aids because she supports Ralph throughout his journey.

4. Crossing the First Threshold: Ralph goes to the Hero's Duty game and makes an attempt to win a medal there. He is also forced to step out of his comfort zone when he makes an effort to make something and not break it.

Ralph tries to get his medal back

5. Road of Trials: After winning a medal, he loses it and is again challenged to regain it. (He is now aware of his potential).

King Candy speaking to Wreck-it Ralph.

6. Overcoming Temptation: King Candy tries to stop Ralph and Vanellope from participating in the Sugar Rush race.

Sugar Rush Race

7. Viewing the Whole Picture: Ralph and Vanellope realize the only way they are going to get the medal back is if they win the race.

Vanellope learning how to drive

8. The Ultimate Goal: Ralph makes Vanellope a new cart in order for her to compete in the race and helps to practice. They both understand that in order to get what they both want, she has to win the race.

King Candy looking for Ralph's medal.

9. Refusing to Return: King Candy gives Ralph his medal back so that he can forget the whole racing nonsense. Ralph accepts and ruins Vanellope's chance to participate in the race for her own good.

Ralph notices Vanellope's picture on the arcade machine.

10. The Chase: Ralph returns back to his own game, but realizes he's made a mistake and goes back to try to help Vanellope.

Ralph going to Felix for help.

11. The Rescue: Ralph can't fix Vanellope's  cart alone so he goes to Felix for assistance. Once the cart is fixed, he returns to Vanellope and realizes what must be done to fix this mess.

King Candy becomes a cybug and attacks Ralph.

12. Crossing the Return Threshold: Ralph and Vanellope go against King Candy's (Turbo) authority and compete in the race with giant cybugs from Hero's Duty wandering around the game and interfering with the race. King Candy tries to stop Vanellope and as if things weren't bad enough, he somehow transforms into a super, mega cybug and attempts to make a "game over" for Ralph and Vanellope.

Wreck-it Ralph's happy ending

13: Master of Two Worlds: Ralph makes a sacrifice and defeats Turbo, and Vanellope gets to finish the race in first place, making everyone's memory come back and restoring the harmony and peace to both games.

14. Freedom: Ralph realizes he doesn't need a medal to be valued by others

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