Track Your Data Usage With Data Sense on Windows Phone!

Unlimited mobile data plans are simply on the path to becoming extinct Worldwide. The ones that, are currently surviving are really dismal in performance due to which people are opting for 3G packs.

The problem with these packs is that although they offer lightning fast speeds they are limited packs like 300 MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, etc. This means you have to be very cautious in order to monitor how much data your Windows Phone uses to curtail wastage of data and reducing extra costs.

Data Sense Overview

  • It’s really necessary to understand how much 2G\3G mobile data your phone is currently using. The Windows Phone 8\8.1 range of phones comes with an app bundled called Data Sense.
  • It shows the user a detailed breakdown of all data usage on your Windows Phone.
  • It also helps you to avoid incurring extra charges levied by your telecom provider by indicating timestamps of the period when you're mobile data limit is nearing depletion.
  • It also helps you to relegate data-intensive apps and tasks to use data only when you're connected to Wi-Fi or high speed LTE.

How to Use Data Sense?

  • Pin the Data Sense app shortcut to the Start menu to regularly see information about your mobile or WiFi data usage.
  • To start the App in the App list, tap the Data Sense icon to start the app.
  • Once the app starts, tap the Data Sense icon, tap Set limit to set the limit level as per your preference. It is always safe to set a limit way below the expiration limit to keep some data bandwidth as a cache for emergency situations. For a 1 GB plan it is advisable to keep about 700 MB for usage and 300 MB for cache purposes.

Under the ‘Limit type’ option, you can tap any one of the following options:

  • If the amount of data in your plan expires on a specific data, tap ‘Prepaid’.
  • If the amount of data in your plan works on a capped basis, i.e. monthly usage to a certain limit, tap ‘Monthly’.
  • If you have unlimited access to a data, but still want to track each app or background app’s data usage, tap ‘Unlimited’.

How to Conserve Data with Data Sense

With Data Sense you can conserve your mobile data in two simple ways:

  • You can limit the amount of background data some apps or service on your phone use since many apps automatically pre-fetch information like social media updates, push notifications and other statistics that are displayed to you once you turn on your phone’s screen.
  • You can compress most web pages with disabled ads and no graphics like images or flash data to reduce data usage while surfing the internet through a browser like Internet Explorer.
  • You can also restrict all background data usage while Roaming, simply turn ON the ‘Restrict background data when roaming’ icon.
  • You can also restrict all background data with one touch. In the App list, tap ‘Data Sense’ icon. Under the Settings icon, simply turn on the ‘Restrict background data =>‘On’ icon. The tap ‘Always’ to always restrict the usage of background data.


  • Data Sense is a no-frills app that lets you save money. It helps you restrict background data usage and take full control of your phone’s data intrinsic activities.
  • However, it can sometimes have some implications since restricting certain background data acquisitions prevents some tasks from happening automatically.
  • Push notifications, email synchronization, uploads and downloads when your screen is off and ‘Live Tile’ updates may get affected. This forces you to manually sync this data if you are on a non-Wi-Fi connection.

To summarize, this is a brilliant app that comes free of cost in order to help you effortlessly manage your phone’s activities. It’s a little nifty little addition to your WP device and should be religiously used by any user experiencing high data usage on their device.