RI Explores Digital Content

Student Self-Directed Enrichment & Remediation Resources

CK-12 -Content for STEM- teachers can create FlexText books for students. Add resources from the site, Google Docs, Can sign in through Google- easy for students and teachers - Teachers create classes in the site. Adaptive to how the learner does

Illustrative Math - Sponsored/supported by Gates, PARCC,Smarter Balanced, CCSS, CCSSO,.... A “Khan Academy” type program that presents math from K-12.

NewsELA - Very cool way to change the lexile level in the reading...great way to differentiate for kids in heterogeneous classes. Built in quizzes for each article.

Braingenie -FREE Math & Science games by searchable topic. Badges are awarded. Student name and email are required. Multiplayer option.

Teacher Ready Digital Content Resources

Google Cultural Institutes - interactive virtual tours of museums and cultural centers, integrated with Google maps. Students can navigate and explore resources and learn about the location.

Gooru - Collection of searchable teacher created resources that can be remixed into a lesson or unit. Remixed units that others made using the same individual resource can be viewed. Includes analytics re: student use and ability to “like” resources. Designed so that students can use and search the resources.

Curriki - Resources in all curriculum areas shared by teachers around the world.

Thinkfinity -Very dry and hard to keep your attention videos.

Smithsonian Channel -Mike Interesting videos of items in the Smithsonian. Great for independent or small group work at a station while a teacher might be giving small group instruction to another small group.

DocsTeach -Ready t0 use tools for teaching with documents in the classroom. Activites run from the higher order thinking taxonomy.

Mastery Connect - A tool that connects teachers to assist in curriculum mapping, creation of common assessments and common score assessments

Digital Learning & Assessment Tools

Actively Learn - This could be effective for teachers who assign readings or books that they would like to interact with their students while they read.

EdPuzzle- First impression was very good. I would recommend exploring further. Had colorful and easy to follow videos- similar to Kahn Academy- Connects to many popular outlets like Kahn, TedTalk, Vimeo, Teachertube, Learn Zillion and Youtube.

Socrative Formative assessment tool in real time that allows you to chart results and is connected to classrooms around the world.

Desmos - Next Generation graphing calculator - Designers created a “world of Universal math literacy, where no student thinks that math is too hard or too dull to pursue.”

Thinglink - Creation tool for interactive images and videos for websites / presentations. Great tool for students to unleash their creativity.

Kahoot--GREAT formative assessment tool. Kids must sign in as themselves for optimal effectiveness. Teacher can create your own FA or pull from an established one. Important to create question of higher order thinking. Can fall into the trap of all knowledge/comprehension questions.