Vietnam Global Village

      We have studied Vietnam over the course of this school year. We have researched current events throughout the year, and we have also written a researcher paper on an important topic or issue happening in Vietnam. All of our research has led up to this: Global Village.

Issue #1-Censorship

My issue is the lack of censorship in Vietnam and how much this negatively effects the people. In Vietnam, everything that is looked up on the internet is viewed by the government for various odd reasons. Nobody outside the Vietnam government exactly knows why they view all internet activity because the government keeps everything so secret from other countries and their people. Many security cameras are placed in Vietnam so the government always knows what is going on in their society. Many people in Vietnam notice all the cameras that were placed and they just think it is to "protect" a certain area in the country but instead it is used for watching the people. Majority of property in Vietnam is not "private" because of security cameras placed nearby. This censorship might As well come to a close before Vietnam has another issue on their hands.

Issue #2 Government Run Companies

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    The issue that I researched was government run companies and their negative influence on Vietnam. Government run companies harm Vietnam by limiting entrepreneurship opportunities and hurting Vietnam's GDP (Gross Domestic Product). Government run companies cause some economic markets to be monopolized. One example of this is the electricity market in Vietnam. Vietnam's government owns Vietnam Electricity (EVN), which is the sole energy provider in Vietnam. EVN monopolizes the electricity market. This causes there to be no entrepreneurship opportunities in the electricity market. EVN has also recently raised electricity prices by 9.5%. This is causing there to be more areas in Vietnam that can't afford electricity. Analyst are expecting the electricity price increase to decrease Vietnam's GDP by 1.1%. EVN can and will continue to raise prices because they don't have any competition.

Issue #3 Vietnam's Strict Government

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      My issue is that Vietnam has a very strict government. Their laws and their consequences for their laws are very strict. If someone were to drug traffic they would get tortured. Their police do not mess around. They would not let anyone get away with something illegal no matter who they are.

Issue #4 forced labor and human trafficking

               My issue is human trafficking and forced labor in Vietnam and it's impact on the economy. Compared to the rest of Asia, Vietnam is not the worst of all these countries, but that doesn't make it a small problem. Vietnam is run by a communist government which controls all the jobs but not very well. To try to find better jobs, some of these people go to extreme lengths to get out of Vietnam. Since the Vietnamese government doesn't want people to leave the country they sometimes have to use human trafficking to get out. Around 2,000,000 people have escaped Vietnam since the Vietnam War. Some of these people were assisted out of the country by the U.S., And some escaped on their own, But around 500,000 people escaped using human trafficking. These people are smuggled out in in-humane unsafe conditions that need urgent attention. Forced labor is a major problem in Vietnam. The government funds "dedoxification" camps in which drug users work to make items for companies without getting paid. In 2011, Columbia Sportswear admitted to using jacket liners manufacured in these labor camps. An estimated 33,000 people have been put in these camps since 2008.

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