Advice and Gratitude

My first piece of advice i can give to you for any given situation is to have courage. Have it in the way that you can handle the situation and remain in total control of what is presented to you.

Another piece of advice id can offer is to maintain organization. This is important in almost anything you do. Like if your going for a job interview you have to have your resume and your buisness cards in place right.

My third and final piece of advice im going to offer you today is to be grateful. In this world everybody is grateful for something. It could be as general as pie, ice cream, basketball, sports, or even school. It could also be more specific to the beholder like your family, friends, religion, maybe even someone you like. In the passage below i will make a list of what i am grateful for.

I am greatful for -

1.My friends and my family people who without i wouldnt be the person i am today.

2.Im also grateful for the sports i do and how healthy and fully active i am.

3.Id also like to thank my religion because that is the one thing i know i will always have in this world and for me its kinda like a reassurance that someone is there for you.

4.I am also grateful for my home because i know its a place where im safe and can be able to be suppported on any choice i make.

5. Finally im grateful for school where i can have a creative outlet while having fun with friends and coming up with cool ideas and learning about cool stuff