Facial Expressions

People’s facial expressions show how they feel. The way their faces look can tell you more than what they are saying. You can often tell whether a person is angry, sad, or happy, even if you can’t hear his/her words.
When someone is talking to you, it’s important for you to use an appropriate facial expression. If she is saying something funny, you would probably smile; sad, you might look serious; scary, you might have an alarmed expression on your face; and so on. If you look bored or stuck-up, that person probably won’t want to continue talking with you.
First, look at the pictures below and guess what each person is feeling. Imagine yourself making that face, how would you be feeling in order to show that facial expression?

Next, watch the videos below and try to judge how the people in them are felling based on what their facial expressions are showing. Do their facial expressions match what their words say? Would you make the same facial expressions if you were in their situation?

Finally, at the end is a short assignment for you to complete.

What do the facial expressions in these photos tell you about what the people in the photos are feeling?

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