PLATE TECTONICS #platetectonics

Alfred Wegener was a German polar researcher,climatologist and geophysicist, who in 1915, published a book "The Origin of Continents and Oceans". This book was one of the first to suggest continental drifts amd tectonic plates.Convergent Boundary: Also known as a destructive plate boundary, is an actively region where two tectonic plates move towards each other and collide. Divergent Boundary: A linear feature that exsists between two plates that move away from each other.Transfrom Boundary: Is when two tectonic plates slide alongside each other. This causes earthquakes.

The Juan de Fuca is the tectonic plate off the coast of Washington. The role it plays in the formation of the Cascades is the east side boundary slowly pushes on the west side pushing the mountains together and making them taller.Convection Currents: A current in a fluid that results from convection. The role it plays is that they transfer heat to the surface, creating divergent boundaries.Rift zone: A feature of some volcanoes,which allows lava to be erupted from the volcano's flank instead of from its summit.Subduction Zone: The biggest smash up on Earth. It is when two tectonic plates meet and one slides under the other, curving down to the mantle.Channeled Scablands: The Scablands are barren, soil free landscape, which were formed by a flood unleashed when a large