Major Beliefs of Socialism

Carlisle, Shane, and Alexis

When and why did the socialist movement begin?

  • The socialists wanted the government representatives to have more control of the production of goods, trading and importing/exporting
  • In capitalism the owners took a lot of the profit and workers who did all the dirty work got cheated
  • Workers had long hours and small earnings
  • Started in the 19th century and specific years varied depending on where you lived

What type of reforms did socialist want?

Main point: They wanted to make factories treat families with dignity, improve working conditions, and still make a profit.

- Government would own the property and wealth of a nation and put them to use for the common good.

- EQUALITY that would provide guaranteed healthcare, housing, jobs, education for citizens.

- They wanted to make cooperative industrial environment.

- They wanted woman and children who worked in the factories to be treated better, more fairly, and have better hours (instead of working all hours of the day)

- Regulate child labor.

- Robert Owen played a big part in trying to implement  these reforms.

How is socialism different than communism?

  • Socialism is when the government controls the big industries, such as healthcare and military, and there is common ownership for smaller companies. Creating more equal opportunities for everyone.
  • Communism is when the government controls everything, health, military, and small businesses, there is no common or private ownership.  

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