Grand Confetti Cannon of the Republic

The most patriotic confetti cannon ever made

What is it?

The Confetti cannon (nicknamed "Grand Confetti Cannon of the Republic") is a small, and very portable confetti cannon, wrapped in black duct-tape as both  decoration and to keep any nearby people from being harmed by shards of PVC in the event of it breaking, after reading about a band member killed by a PVC t-shirt cannon. The cannon is mounted on a cardboard stand that is cut to look like its from the war of 1812.

How was it built?

The Grand Confetti Cannon of the Republic was built out of high pressure rated PVC, duct tape and a bike tire. The cannon itself was made from an instructables article, using a long pvc pipe tube with a ball valve in the middle, and an end cap with the bike valve attached to it at one end, and left open at the other  for the confetti to shoot out of. I made the stand for it out of cardboard right angles that I glued together and cut to look like the ones on the USS Constellation.

Why was it built?

I was having trouble thinking of an idea for a patriotic project, so I watched videos of eagles flying around for inspiration. The perfect idea came to me almost instantly. A confetti cannon decorated to look like a cannon from the war of 1812.  I then looked up
"confetti cannon instructions" convinced it would be impossible to build one in the limited time I had, but I found easy instructions on Instructables (shameless product placement).

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3 years ago

This is a great project. You are amazing