Why the Leaves Change Colors in the Fall

    Long ago there was a beautiful and talented goddess named Gale, everyone looked up to her. She was helpful, modest, and kind to every one she met. She was in charge of keeping all the leaves green. She had many servants to assist her wit this difficult job but one specific servant was different, she wasn’t like the others and her name was Autumn. Autumn was a young, beautiful girl that desired a change in the color. It made her feel sad and unpleased, she completely despised it.

      Autumn went to Gale to talk about her feelings. She explained her thoughts and tried to convince Gale, but was unsuccessful. “I would like to suggest changing the color.” Autumn said, “I thought I already told you to stop bothering me about this, green is the color of nature and it will stay the way!” Gale responded sternly “Now get back to work.” and she pointed to the door with her magic wand that she used to change the colors of the leaves. That night she went home and thought long and hard about what Gale had said. She still felt there needed to be a change; she needed to do something in order to please herself. The following night autumn left her house and traveled to the office where Gale worked, it was dusky and cold. Luckily for her, Gale’s wand was still there. She grabbed the wand that was used to control all the colors of nature. She took the wand outside and waved it around a few times just to see how it felt and in the blink of an eye tree tops were variations of auburn, red, yellow, and orange along with bushes and vines. It was like nothing she had ever seen before, she was amazed by what she did. She felt joyful, glad and she thought they were beautiful. Along with her feeling happy she also felt guilty, her heart sank and she had no clue what was going to happen to happen to her. Being as selfish as she was she felt sorry for herself. All the leaves had changed and there was nothing that could be done before anyone saw them.

      The next day, it was virtually impossible to not notice the significant change and all eyes were on Autumn. She was immediately locked away, taken from everything she loved and cared for. She quickly became sad, depressed, lonely, and wished every day that she would have been grateful for what she had. She realized she continually put herself before others and only thought about herself. It took three months to convert the leaves back to their original color and come next September the leaves changed again. Little did Gale and her servants know that the change would occur every year to remind people to not be selfish and take pride in others before you.