World War 1 was started right after the assassination of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary in 1914. There many other reason why it started that were stated in the last essay we wrote as a class. That were imperialism, militarism, etc. And it was for these reason WW2 also started.

Similar to the machine gun which is a new invention, came the tank. First tanks would only carry 3 men and go 3 mph. Later years it could carry 10 men and go 4 mph. These tanks would only go straight and could not cross over trenches. Very primitive.

World War 1 introduced new weapons like the machine gun. Machine guns at this time required 4-6 men to opersate it. Larger guns could need up to 12 men, they fired shells that exploded on impact.

Fighting life of soldiers was rough, smelling, and dangerous. When fighting on the frontline they rotated out, for rest. Fighting the trenches like seen in the photo offered a chance of many diseases to spread and many died from that not just being shot at.

War from many sad faces but they knew their loved ones were doing the right thing.

Although war is awful it was celebrated when soldiers came home.

After the war Germany was looked at as the evil. All the other nations that joined with them were destroyed. They owed lots of money and had their military reduced. Some nations thought this was unfair for Germany others were indifferent. But most focused on rebuilding.

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