Dustin Raum S&E Marketing Final

Movie Poster Evaluation

This movie poster has bold colors. It draws attention to the eye. With large and bold text that are abstract to the colors behind it. The poster has grey and black colors which might set the scene in the winter and cold weather. It gives the impression that it might be a war movie of some sort and he is the CAPTAIN. I think this poster really makes people want to see the movie not only because it is the sequel but just the overall appearance of the poster. It stands out from the rest of the movie posters because of the color scheme and big bold picture in the middle.

Movie Trailer Evaluation

The trailer to Lone Survivor looks like most of the clips are from the beginning and close to the end because they show how they come together has a band of brothers. And how they end up in the situation their in. Then in the end they show clips of the outcome and what they did to ge there. I feel that this trailer show clips with lots of action to try and appeal to the main target aduiance which is most likely people who like action and a story. I think they really do a good job on teasing the plot and leaving people questioning, wanting more. It gives the viewers the basics of the plot and gives enough of the story for people to understand whats going on but not enough to give the whole movie away. They also do a good job on playing clips of the climax of the movie.Overall they do a great job in depicting the general feel of the movie which is abviously an action.

Upcoming changes in the way movies might be accessed by customer

In the near future there might be new ways to access newly released movies. You might not have to actually go to a movie theater to see a new movie. You could just pull out your smart phone, pay a fee and bam there is the movie. No more doing the whole night out thing. So this means that they are going to have to find new ways to market the movies and get that movie out to the public. I think that they are going to have to find a way to get on social media websites and maybe put advertisements up. They could put some clips of trailers of upcoming movies. They are probably going to have to move most of there marketing strategies online because that is were I think the generations are moving towards.

Important things for artists to remember

There are multiple things for an artist or band to remember when they are trying to sign with a major record label or even an independent label. One of the things they should take into consideration is how they feel they are being treated working with them. You don't want to go into something that big if you feel like they wouldn't treat you with respect. Another thing is how much money they make from all the marketing and what not and how much you or your band are going to make. Be sure your not getting screwed on the deal. We know that they are obviously going to make more then you because of all the promoting and marketing there doing but at least get a decent percentage of the money you make. What I think is the most important thing to remember is don't let them change who you are.That is the reason you have gotten this far and if you change your style people might not like that and not listen to you anymore.

Most important factors that contribute to an amusement or theme park's success

One of the most important factors for an amusement park's success is the location. Because you can have the best amusement park in the country and have it be in the middle of now where and nobody would go because they couldn't find it. So you got to find a location with a lot of traffic and big population size. Another important contribution is to have entertainment that fits all age groups. So no one feels like they are too old to be there.The next thing is that they have to have their own unique selling proposition. Something to make them different from all the other amusement parks around them. Like have the tallest, the fastest, or the most rides. They could have a theme for every season going on that month.

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