#Hellothere, My name is Abdullah

I am a 7th grader who goes to school in Arlington.


Football is one of my main strengths in sports. I've been playing football since I was five. Now when I think back, I've been playing for about 7 years now. Through my life, I played many types of football. I've played competitive football and I have played with many people through my childhood. It has just been a very enjoyable hobby through the years.

Even though I have played football for so long, I have actually played soccer for longer. I have played soccer since I was 3 years old. Through these 10 years I have been playing soccer, one player that motivated me was Cristiano Ronaldo. The way I have seen him play over the years can relate to my style of play. He was also the best soccer player on the planet, so we obviously had a lot in common. I probably wouldn't have been so competitive if I didn't know who he was. He was basically my role model.

I have been known to be quite a mathematician. When I was 11, I entered a math competition throughout my whole elementary school. The competition was who could answer the most algebraic problems in thirty minutes. Surprisingly, I answered about twenty-five problems, ten more than the runner up. That pretty much set my reputation for the rest of the year. I was also very successful in my previous years, but this was the first official contest that I have entered and won.

My hometown is Dubai. That is where most my family live and where my parents got married. My mom was born and raised in this city as a child. Even though I don't live there, I visit every summer to meet up with my friends and family. Dubai is home of many historic buildings. It contains the worlds largest building, airport, and mall. Many of these attractions lead to many people visiting. It's funny to remember how small the town was as a kid and how it grew and became one of the worlds most intriguing cities in a blink of an eye.

When I grow up, I wish to attend Duke University. I hope to get a doctorate degree in biology to fulfil my dream of becoming a doctor. Duke ranks among the best universities in all of America. They have one of the best

college basketball teams as well. I hope to also play soccer their and attempt to get a scholarship into the MLS, and build from there. I just have to remember a journey of over a million miles begins with a single step.

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