Japanese Cultural Meal Etiquette

Cassie, A'ja, Alaina

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Four Table Etiquette Rules:

1. Do not finish your food because it is an insult that you were not given enough.

2. It is bad manners to burp, especially at the dinner table.

3. When drinking alcohol, pour everyone else's drink instead of your own.

4. When you are not using your chopsticks, place them in front of you with the tips to the left.


Cultural Information:

1. They often eat rick, sushi, miso soup, and noodles.

2. Traditional customs include the tea ceremony, geishas, sumo wrestling, public bathing, and cormorant fishing.

3. Holidays are: New Year, Coming of Age, Beginning of Spring, White Day, and the Doll's Festival.

4. Their main religions are Shinto and Buddhism.

Similarities are:

1. Burping is rude.

2. It is rude to become drunk in a nice restaurant.

3. Technology is greatly used and is constantly growing.

Differences are:

1. We use forks, spoons, and knives while Japan uses chopsticks.

2.Western culture uses chairs while people in Japan sit on cushions on the floor.

3. Women aren't as respected in Japan as they are in America.





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