EyeEm vs Instagram

Which photo-sharing app is king?

So we're all familiar with photo-sharing legend Instagram, but who here has heard about its 'chic cousin' EyeEm? I've been using EyeEm for almost as long as I've been on Instagram (about 2 1/2 years) I still have yet to decide which one I prefer. Here are some pros and cons for each app:

1) Actual Use: I actually use Instagram much more than EyeEm, but only because Instagram is generally for people you actually know in real life. I like being able to see what my friends are up to.

2)Filters: EyeEm's filters are better. Now this could be because I am sick and tired of the same boring Instagram filters (most of which are almost unusable; seriously? Who would want to give any picture a nasty yellow hue? ) but I do think that EyeEm's filter enhances images while making them look better... the name of the game ;)

3) Organization of Photos: EyeEm trumps Instagram over this one. Instead of giving you every single damn picture that is uploaded ever by the people you follow, EyeEm uses algorithms to figure out which sets you like the best. On my EyeEm discover feed I can find categories, not just an endless scroll of pictures. My feed has 'Photos Taken Around You (my current location),' '10 Of Your Friends Liked this Album,' 'Popular Photos,' and 'Albums You Added Photos To.' On EyeEm you can add your photos to public Albums, which makes finding them again much easier than applying pesky hashtags.

4) The Photography Aspect: So we all know that these photosharing apps are more for social than artistic uses- ie. #selfie #nomakeup #ootd #blessed. Ugh. I love it and I hate it. I am naturally curious to see how people portray themselves, especially the people who I personally know very well. It gives me amusement to no end to see total train wrecks posting pictures of how great their lives are. #RealTalk. Hell, I even like the hashtags sometimes. Or maybe just don't mind them, rather than Like. It really really is a love/hate relationship. But sometimes I want to see pictures, and photography- good photography. But both EyeEm and Instagram gives you complete control over who you follow (wouldn't have it any other way) which means that you can fill your feed with gorgeous pics of sunrises in Thailand or blurry pictures of your neighbors bratty kids eating their morning cereal (seriously?!) But I would say that personally EyeEm I follow mostly people for their photoskills, Instagram is mostly for keeping up and catching up with my real life friends.

5) Innovations: I received an email a few days back from EyeEm explaining an exciting new feature:

"EyeEm Market will be the worlds premier marketplace for real photography. The erms are easy, fair and transparent. You always remain the copyright holder of your images and and make 50% net revenue from each photo you sell."

Basically right now you can request an invite and start selling your pictures as soon as the platform is officially launched.. (the email didn't say).

Instagram on the other hand seems like its stuck in the Ice Ages for new advances with their app. I noticed recently that you can finally log into Instagram on your desktop (for a long time it was mobile-app only) but it hasn't updated its profile settings or its filters in over a year. As I mentioned before the filters on Instagram are in dire, dire need of some TLC from somebody- anybody. The only thing I can say is last year they came out with a video-creating update, but the 6-second video sharing app, Vine, is still prominently king in that area. If you cant be funny in 6 seconds, you don't really need Instagrams 15 second video capabilities now do you?

Conclusion: I use Instagram way more than I use EyeEm. And after writing all this, I'm not really sure why. EyeEm is basically superior in every way that I could briefly think of. I guess if I can get more people I know in real life to make a switch then it would be a picture perfect world. Peace out.

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2 years ago

I am in the same situation. For me, Instagram is simple and addictive. All you have to do is just taking pictures and posting, nothing more. On the other hand, EyeEm seems too complicated. Sometimes when APPs getting complicated, it scares people because no one wants to do complicated things on a mobile phone.