Johnson Persuasive Paper Research

Go to LMC page, pull down to Online Resources

Scroll down to the search widgets for Opposing Viewpoints and EBSCO databases

Database search reminders

By using search widgets, you can search full text articles in multiple databases in one quick, easy step.

Type in key word or phrase to begin an initial search

You may limit your results from the menu options or in Advanced Search.

In Opposing Viewpoints, select your article, choose Download from the Tools menu. Select PDF as your format option. Also be sure to click Citation Tools to capture the bibliography. You also have the option of EMAIL from the Tool bar.

For EBSCO, use the built in tools to limit your results if necessary. To save PDF Full Text, right click (Chrome) or hover over the bottom tool feature and hit SAVE. You might wish to create a folder to save your articles.

For a GOOGLE search, type your term/phrase in the omnibar. Go to gear in the upper right and pull down to the Advanced Search settings. You can limit your search site or domain to .org, .edu, or .gov

If you use a website not from the database, you will need to copy the site URL and paste into the Research Ready Evaluator link listed at the bottom left of the LMC ONLINE RESOURCES page. Work through the steps to determine the PURPOSE, ACCURACY, AUTHORITY: AUTHOR, AUTHORITY: PUBLISHER, RELEVANCE, and CURRENCY. Review to determine credibility and hit REVIEW YOUR ANSWERS. If your teacher requires it, print that page for your teacher. Be sure to put your name on it before turning in.