8.2 Reflections #19 and #20

H. Miller Tackk in Mr. Kirkland's Math II Class


  • Leonardo would ask me to practice the slant of my letters and to work on writing faster and neater.
  • Writing backwards probably came easy to Leonardo because he is left-handed. It would make sense for him to write this way because if right-handed people write from right to left, then why don't left- handed people write from left to write? It makes sense when you think about it.
  • Practicing this way would also help him write neater because if if he could write neat backwards, then he should be able to write even neater in the correct way.


This origami is symmetrical because it is the same shape on both sides. When you pretend that the crease in the center is a y-axis, then you can see that they are the exact same sized shape on each side.

Just like the origami, this Christmas wreath is symmetrical because if you pretended that there was a y-axis going straight down the middle, then it would be the same sized shape on both sides.

This cross is symmetrical, just like the two examples before. If you were to pretend that there was y-axis in the middle of it, then there would be the same sized shape on both sides.

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