Physical Properties

By.Caiden Miller


Buoyancy is a upward push on a object.So when you drop it it will float because there will be buoyancy to keep it afloat.even though there is gravity pushing it down it will more likely float.


Density is how much volume or weight is in a if you were to fill a cup with water than vegetable oil the water would sink and the vegetable oil would stay on the top.


heat is how hot something is like a oven or a if you were to pre heat the oven it means that the oven is heating up.


a insulator is a object that can contain heat or electricity. the reason why i chose the rubber ball is because it is a good insulator for heat and electricity.


Magnetism is when a two magnets stick together or the don't go together. if they are the same type of magnet they don't go together but if they are the opposite magnet they do stick together.

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