Article 1

Article by Kelly Wallace, she is trying to answer the question of how to talk to kids about marijuana use. The source was produced on CNN and was made with the debate of if marijuana should be legalized. I know the main debate and I have been to states that have had marijuana legalized. I understand the drug for the most part and know the consequences. The source was created for parents that are going to talk to their kids about the drug, it does not affect the reliability in my opinion because it gives many views. The source was created to help parents talk to their children about the drug. It was trying to give parents options on what and how to say certain things. The text has quotes from other people, it is important because it is educating parents on how to talk to their kids about drug use specifically marijuana.

Article 2

The author of this piece is David Kravets. The text does not specifically speak of the author, but he had a neutral point of view. The source was produced after someone was charged with driving under the influence of marijuana, but did not seem to be impaired. I understand the basis of the drug, the source may have been made for people that believe the drug will make you a dangerous driver. It was created to draw attention to the accident and court case. The source focuses on the effect marijuana has on someone. This is important because of the soon to be big debate of if marijuana should be legalized.


The author of this piece is Maren Shapiro.  Not much is know about the author other than the fact that he is for the legalization of marijuana. This was produced after the legalization of marijuana in Alaska. This just gave the author a reason to publish the piece, and probably did not effect the source. I know the basis of marijuana as a drug, but this article gives you an in depth look. This source was created to help prove to people that marijuana is not as bad as people think it is. It was created to spark interest in the debate and get people talking. The source was trying to make a point that out of all recreational drugs, marijuana is the safest. The source is important because it gives you facts, quotes, and shows studies to show it is true.

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