Sigmund Freud

School of Thought: Psychoanalytic

Time Period: Victorian Era. During this time period, all women were expected to dress modest and marry to wealthy men. Also, manners were very important to this era.


Why was this person important to psychology?:

Sigmund Freud was a very important contributor in the psychology field. Freud developed the idea of 3 egos that were located in the two separate parts of the brain: the conscious and the subconscious. This idea was represented in an image called the Iceberg Diagram. The iceberg in the diagram portrayed the human brain; with the subconscious located on the bottom half (under the sea) and the conscious on the upper portion (above the sea). Freud believed the subconscious section was where a person hided their deepest and darkest secrets from the rest of the world. While the conscious part of the mind was composed of things that a person knew and understood.

How might this time period influenced the groundbreaker?

Since these discoveries were made prior to the Victorian Era, many people believed that Freud was insane since most people with mental disorders were either tortured or confined to a chair to "cure" (their disorder). Freud wasn't influenced by anyone in this time period other than his own mind. Also, Freud  forbid those who didn't agree with his beliefs.   But, many people that lived during  the Victorian Era started to understand what Freud was trying to prove to everyone. And as time progressed, people with mental disorders were treated more as patients not as criminals. Our world is still trying to figure out the complexity of the brain, but for now...we continue to treat those who need help.

The Victorian Era was all about modesty in manners. This is how most women dressed during this time.

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