Should tweets cost you your job?

Natalie Meneses , Period 4

The New York Fire Department learned that one of its Emergency Medical Technicians (E.M.T) posted a racist remark online. Joseph Cassano, @jcassano , wrote" Getting sick of picking up all these Obama lovers and taking them to the hospital because their medical pays for an ambulance and not a cab." After being reported to his chief , Cassano was suspended but later he resigned from the Fire Department. This bringing up the question if employers should be strict towards their employees pertaining to their social media activity.

  • Structural-Functional: You shouldn't post inappropriate post on the social media because it can cause you to loose your job. The Manifest Structure would be employees being more careful in posting on the social media.
  • There should be a social media training in order to educate a business and their employees about legal implications of social media. Durkheim would have seen this as function that would give a positive consequence in the sense that employees would know what not to post during their social media activity.
  • Cameron Barrett, from Michigan, lost his job over kinky short stories he posted.
  • Social Conflict: It should be illegal for a boss to penalize an employee because of their race or religion. Karl Marx would have agreed that if their would be inequality in treatment of employees would create a huge gap in between.
  • When a candidate for a position walks in for an interview usually the employer looks at their appearance and manners in the sense of their ability to answer questions and some times their skin color. The employer is looking for the ideal type of employee for their business fitting their requirements.
  • “Why have a policy for online behavior? Isn’t the company handbook enough?”
  • Symbolic Interaction: In todays culture technology is a big part of societies communication so every business should enforce the "pub test", which checks if your "tweet" is appropriate to be posted, in order save employees from being fired.
  • " it is my twitter page and I should have the freedom to post anything I wish to post"
  • But employees are a reflection of the businesses that employ them, and that follows them both inside and outside of work

Personal Response: In my opinion a tweet should not cost you your job because you are given the right to freedom of speech and even though you aren't literally saying it out loud , it is what you think and believe. If I was an African American lady and I posted a picture of Rosa Parks saying" the toughest lady in the world" , I should not be fired because my boss has a different opinion to what I truly believe in. in some cases there should be a consequence to what you write online.

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