Michael Morales II
Period 5 2/15/14
Is obamacare working?


Obama has a care plant hat is supposed to take care of every legal citizen of the United States. Obama's administration gave its first detailed look. Premiums to be charged to consumers in federally run health insurance markets. Many politicians believe that obamacare's manifest functions would not succeed. that the latent functions would be very disastrous .

Structural Functual

Anything this large and ambitious will need fine-tuning. that the case with social security after it was introduced in 1935, and medicine in 1965.

The problem is obvious : "Decades of experience with Medicaid,the program for low-income people,show that having an insurance card does not guarantee access to specialist or other providers."

congress should delay the law for a year and put together what both sides now know must be a bipartisan effort at reform that works with ,rather than against, our econmy

Social Conflict

Doing nothing wasn't an option:ours is the most expensive and complex health care system in the world that delivers poorer results and leaves a larger portion of the population without care than that of any other advanced nation

But some republicans want to repeal the law before we try it,threatening to shut down the government and not pay the nations debts if the rest of us don't go along

"Most people with average incomes will pay more under Obamacare for individually,purchased insurance than they did before

Symbolic Interactions

If it turns out we don't like it we can just repeal it -- the same way we occasionally repeal other laws through an orderly process of legislating

I would have preferred a single-payer system , or at least one in which people had an option to buy into medicare

developments this week suggest that for many Americans,Obamacare will not be worth while

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