For my innovation day project I chose golf because even though I play it I don't know much.

Golf is a sport that you can play at almost any age. Golf can also help with coordination and balance, as well as arm strength. Now some facts: the longest drive ever was 515 yards and the longest put was a monstrous 375 feet, each year 125,000 golf balls are hit into the 17th hole at the Stadium Course at Sawgrass. The chances of making 2 hole-in-ones in one round of golf is one in 67 million. Golf balls travel farther in hot weather than in cooler weather. Golf is one of the oldest sports. Some people think that golf is not a fun sport because of the waiting, but that is part of the sport.

About the Golf Ball

Did you know that the first golf ball looked like a small tennis ball? Did you know that golf balls originally had a light material inside so they would go further. The first golf balls used leather on the outside.

How to hold the club.

How to hold the golf club is one of the most important things in golf because if you aren't holding it correctly you will have a hard time hitting the ball. Step one: get the club at the bottom of your fingers. Step two: put your hand around the club. Step three: make sure that your thumb on you left finger (reversed for left handed people) is under your right hand also with thumb sticking out. Step four: make sure you have a firm grip and the you are ready to swing.

Famous Players

Some famous players are:

Phil Mickleson

Tiger Woods

Buba Watson

The Rules

The rules of golf are pretty complex but simple. Rule one is that you can not run on the course. Rule two is no yelling. Rule three is always stand behind the person hitting. Rule four is the person whose ball is further away from the pin or hole goes first. Finally, rule five is enjoy the game and have fun!

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