Ancient Egypt



In Ancient Egypt without the Nile River all of them would desert. Only about an inch [2.5 centimeters] of rain fall fall each year.Each summer the river rises because of rain falls that flows through the Nile River.Egypt is home of a variety of creatures.For instance cheetahs,hyenas,crocodiles,and cobras.

Stable Food Suply

Fruits,and vegetables were big in Egypt.For example they had rich soil,beans peas,lentils,onions,and garlic.Other foods that they had were fish,beef,lamb,and pork.Some dairy products are milk,cheese,and butter.Also oils,and spices are salt,pepper,and seeds.The Egyptians made bread,and cereal from wheat,and barley.

Nile River


Without the Nile river the Egyptians would die.Something interesting is that when it snowed it would melt and go through and flow into the Mediterranean sea.

The Egyptians had over 750 hieroglyphics!Imagine memorizing all of that!They believed eternal life.They always made gods happy.They made pyramids that were intended to the leading pharaohs and gods.Egyptian religion strengthened the pharaohs authority.They had all of all social classes.

Social Structures

There was 9 different positions in the pyramids.Woman had jobs.The pharaoh was believed to be a god on earth and had the most power.He was responds for making laws and keeping order ensuring that everything was right.

The Arts

The civilizations of ancient Egypt had Concorde the land of the Nile for over 3000 years.Egyptians are famous for their giant works of sculptures.The Egyptians had a unique way of drawing people.

*Drew heads

*Drew eyes

*Drew legs

*Drew feet

Men were usually dark colors.Women were usually lighter colors.

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