SBGA Provides Social Media Tips for Small Business

Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ have all become mainstream names in social media avenues and business advertising spots. Developing social media pages for your business is the best way to interact with customers, enhance your brand, increase your business reputation, and build a powerful online presence. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, social media pages are interactive. This means your customers will use them to ask questions, leave feedback, review your products and services, and make general comments on your page. As a business owner, you can answer their questions, respond to feedback, generate reviews, and create a relationship with your general customer base that will foster loyalty to your brand. One of the best social media tips for small businesses is to build a page that fosters and welcomes this kind of interaction.

Facebook is one of the top social media outlets that customers expect businesses to participate in. It is also one of the top social media outlets that can generate new customer experiences. When customers comment or “like” your page, this activity shows to all of their friends, and if any of their friends like it, it shows to all of their friends, overall creating the potential for your business to be visible to countless new potential customers. You can encourage this type of interaction too by offering incentives for your customers to follow your page, such as coupons.

Another good use of your page is to advertise sales and other events to get the word out to your loyal customers. This will not only generate new customers from the excitement to share the news, but new views to your website and all of the products and services you offer, including the ones not on sale. When you keep your online customer base up to date with the latest events, you keep your profit potential at maximum capacity.

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