The Glass Castle




In the beginning, Jeanette was in a taxi heading to a party, until she saw her mother digging through the trash. Out of fear of being seen, she ducked down and went back home. Afterwards, when returning to the apartment, she thinks back to her past, remembering how she got here. The story starts from when she was three years old. While she was cooking, she got burned and was rushed to the hospital. There, she spent a few days in the hospital, and when Dad arrives, they do the "skedaddle," and leave to somewhere else.

Rising Action:

Soon;the family arrived to Battle Mountain, Nevada. They stayed there for awhile, with Mom taking a break from her art to hold a job as a teacher, while Dad went around doing odd jobs, due to him losing his job at the mines. Soon after; they moved up to Phoenix, Arizona; and moving into their grandmother's house, after she passed away. Later on, they decide to move again, but up to Welch, where Dad's family lives.


When the family moves up to Welch, everything just starts to go downhill. First, Dad's mother was nothing more than an alcoholic, and wasn't really favored by the others, and after she passed away, the family just started to become farther and farther apart from each other. They move into a house on the hill, which was in terrible shape. As Jeanette starts to grow up more, she starts to disagree with the way of life Mom and Dad provided, and soon decided to move away to New York after graduating from high school, and when Lori found a place to live.

Falling Action:

Jeanette finally moved to New York, and moved in with Lori. Soon, Brian and then Maureen moved in with them, and were all happy. But then Mom and Dad moved up to New York, and became squatters due to the fact that they couldn't keep a job, or pay rent. Later on, Dad ended up in the hospital. He eventually gets a job, but then is talked back into being back with Mom. Later on, Jeanette comes to visit them, finding out that Dad doesn't have long to live. And eventually, he passed away from a heart-attack.


The family get together after Dad passed away for Thanksgiving. Jeanette ha moved in with her new husband, John, Brian was a divorced father, Lori was still living in the same apartment, and Mom was still a squatter. While they were there, they said a toast to Dad, and that's where it all ends.


Jeanette Walls

Jeanette Walls is the narrator of the story.

Rex Walls-Dad

Rex Walls was the father of Jeanette. He was a highly passionate man, who had a passion for logic. But he was an alcoholic, and could never hold a job for long. He favored Jeanette over the other children.

Rose Mary Walls-Mom

Rose was the mother of Jeanette. She was a free spirited person, and values self-sufficiency. But never cared for responsibility, and didn't want to grow up and take care of the family. Her and Jeanette never saw eye to eye, and she favored Lori over the others.


The story takes place all around the U.S. From one town to another, and finally ending up in New York, the Walls family has been moving around for quite some time.

Here the family came to an isolated mining town.

Here, the Walls family moved into their grandmother's house after she passed away awhile back.

Here the family moved to live with Dad's family, and then decided to live here permanently, until later in the story.

Here Jeanette, Lori, Brian, and Maureen moved to New York to start their new life. Eventually Mom and Dad came to New York, and lived as squatters. This is where the family finally make home, permanently, until Maureen moves to California.

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