Holocaust by: Jenna Leinart

The Holocaust: the state-sponsored, systematic persecution and the annihilation of the European Jewry by Nazi Germany and its collaborators, between 1933 and 1945.

Concentration Camps

Shortly after the Nazis came into power of Germany, Hilter organised the annihilation of the entire Jewish population in Europe by creating camps in which Jews ultimately suffered or died. These camps were established in Germany and Poland, which had been previously conquered by the German Army in order to make room for the "superior German race".  The first concentration camp created by the Nazis was Dachau, which set the organization and structure for future camps. Theodor Eicke, the SS Lieutenant General, was in charge of Dachau and the development of the concentration camps. Although the SS was the only agency to establish and run the actual camps, local authorities still managed forced-labor camps for Jews. People of the SS (Nazi's Protection Squad) served ran these camps. As the war went on Germany invaded other countries, meaning the number of people that stood in the way of  "The Final Solution" increased. Because of this growing number, there was a need for the establishment of new camps. The concentration camps became targeted killing areas of certain groups of people that "threatened" Germany. Also in these camps prisoners were expected to work, despite the unbearable living conditions that weakened them. All in all, the Germans successfully targeted and persecuted many groups within Europe creating the period as we now know as the Holocaust.

U.S. Involvement in the Holocaust

Many refugees tried to come to America to shelter themselves from the war that had torn up their lives. It was difficult to come to the U.S. because of the Depression and economic hardships, but 200,00 Jews were able to find refuge in America. When the U.S. heard the Final Solution's plan to annihilate the Jews they responded by denouncing Nazi Germany along with 11 other Allied countries. While this was going on, publishers didn't always make the news of the Holocaust a top a priority within the newspapers. The Night of Crystal, which was a state sponsored attack on the Jews was one of the events that made front page headlines.

History of the Nazi Party

During the time of the known as the Weimar Republic, there was no political party in Germany that held the majority of the country. The Nazi party rose up by advertising itself a protest movement against their current economic problems and previous lost in World War II. Germany won over the public by getting the nation back on its feet. They especially publicized the "Pure German Race". Nazis were trying to get public support of the war and invasion of Poland, because the people were still recovering from the dramatic lost of WWII. The propagandist portrayed Germany as a "peaceful" country securing the well-being of its citizens. They guaranteed victory for the superior German race.

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