Tigers are the Strongest most Largest Cat also Endangered

Tigers are nearly Extinct that are a concerned animal For both killing humans and being Extinct Tigers are being hunted by Poachers and poisoned water holes and other sneers Tigers eat large Mamels other than snakes and other reptiles

This are some pictures of Tigers in the Wild

Tiger Food web

Intresting Facts About Tigers

Tigers are the largest cat on The Earth

Siberian Tigers are the biggest tigers Living

there stripes make good camoflouge no two are alike

Tiger Biome

The Savanannah Is The popular Tiger biome.


Tigers Live in Bushes and trees so they don't Have a Proper Habitat But still go in caves Once in a while.

Life Cycle

This is an example of a Snow Tigers Life Cycle

Biological Realationship

Tigers follow no rule in their life time that also share prey with other gender like female and cubs

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