Solar power plant turned into catwalk

To revolutionise modern fashion presentation, model-entrepreneur Jessica Minh Anh transformed the award-winning solar power plant, Gemasolar, into the world’s newest catwalk for her J Summer Fashion Show 2015 in Seville.

Minh Anh, known for combining art, architecture, culture and fashion, added technology to her 10th show on July 17 with the cinematic backdrop of the iconic central tower and thousands of shining mirrors.

The unique catwalk was set up on the main road right in the center of Gemasolar, with guests sitting on both sides and drones flying on top.

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Minh Anh walked the stage donning a red flamenco dress, bursting with layers and texture. She was followed by other models in dramatic maxi dresses, which highlighted their silhouette. Designed by Pilar Vera, the opening collection inserted romance and glamour onto the sunshine catwalk.

Meanwhile, Beijing-based Spanish designer Paloma Sanchez premiered an exquisite jewellery collection influenced by Chinese culture. The luxury pieces unveiled the beauty of uncut stones with rare formations as well as a fluid combination of oriental charm and European chic.

Focussing on intricate details and futuristic patterns, Turkish jewellery brand Ekria came in next with architectural pieces in gold and silver. The laser-cut collection portrayed both simplicity and versatility that signified the concept of wearable art.

Closing the show, Vietnamese celebrity designer Hoang Hai accompanied by Pandora jewellery, introduced Haute Couture collection made from the finest materials, decorated with lace, brocade, Italian tulle, and Swarovski crystals.

J Summer Fashion Show 2015 has not only strengthened Minh Anh’s position as the world’s most innovative catwalk producer, but also sees her inspiring a new generation of creative leaders towards a more eco-friendly direction.

“It was an honour for Torresol Energy to have Jessica Minh Anh transform Gemasolar into the first ever solar powered catwalk. Having seen her fashion shows on the Eiffel Tower, Grand Canyon Skywalk, London’s Tower Bridge, and One World Trade Center, we knew she was special,” said Raul Mendoza Ruiz, Gemasolar Plant manager, Torresol Energy.

“We find it very meaningful that Jessica chose such an ecological scenario as Gemasolar to showcase fashion. It speaks a lot about her belief in green power,” he added.

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