Marilou Bourdon

Marilou Bourdon is a 24 years old woman who is well known by the Quebec population. First of all, she started signing at the age of eight. At the age of eleven, she participated to Star à domicile and after later on, to La Fureur de Céline. These shows gave her the opportunity to get involved in a musician career. She participated to a lot of duet. One famous example is the one she did with Garou. In the year of 2005, René Angélil, who is also Céline Dion’s manage, became her manager. As you can see, her career started well, however, it ended badly. Indeed, she became anorexic. The music industry was very hard. She had to reach extremes criterion of beauty. She needed to attain these in order to respected in the music industry, as well as to gain success. In April 2013, Marilou recovered from anorexia nervosa and decided to leave the music business. Without any career plan, she decided to create a blog, and named it “Trois fois par jour”. Prior to the creation of her blog, she did not have a great relationship with food. However, when she recovered from her disease, she wanted to share her new passion for food. She named her blog in honour of her recovery, which incorporated three meals per day. With her husband, Alexandre Champagne, she published her first book in October 2014. Over 3,000 copies were bought during the presale, and 30,000 copies were bought since the publication of the book. That is what we can call a best seller! With this book, her goal was to help other girls or boys who suffer from anorexia, and to try to be an inspiration for them to follow. In conclusion, the new married couple is currently trying to start a foundation that will aim to help people who suffer from eating disorders.

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