South Sudan Civil War

1. The UN is against this civil war.

2. No other countries are involved.

3. The rebels kill the Dinkas and the government kills the Nuers.

4. The war broke out after the president accused the rebel leader of staging a takeover of the government.

5. There are 20,000 people at the UN peacekeeping camp seeking refuge. What the UN can do is increase the storage in the camp until the fighting dies down while fighters for the UN go in and settle the conflict.

"South Sudan conflict: Bentiu 'ethnic slaughter' condemned". BBC. April 21, 2014. Web. May 4, 2015.


In South Sudan, there is a civil war going on, caused by the president of South Sudan accusing the rebel leader of staging a takeover of the government. This caused an outbreak in fighting where the rebels kill the Dinkas and the South Sudan army kills the Nuers. The UN peacekeepers are in South Sudan now with a camp that is now heavily overpopulated. There is a severe shortage of water and latrines to be used, which may cause the spread of disease. Where civilians run unprotected, they are slaughtered left and right. Even those seeking refuge in hospitals are killed. It is r exported that there are literally piles of dead bodies laying in the country. Pretty much, nobody is safe in this country until the conflict is resolved.

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