Inventions of the Industrial Revolution

H. Sancraint

Telephone 1875

Alexander Grahm Bell

The telephone was significant because it improved communication. It allows people to talk to each other from two different places. This telephone lead to current day phones we use now.

Type Writer 1873

Christopher Sholes

The typewriter was significant because they are more efficient. It takes less time to type then it does to write something by hand. This allowed people to write more things it a less amount of time.

Phonograph 1877

Thomas Edison

The phonograph was important because it was the first time sound could be recorded and played back. Before if you wanted to be able to listen to something you would have to be listening to something live. The phonograph inspired people to get into music. This opened new possibilities for entertainment and communication.

Hand Held Camera 1888

George Eastman

The first hand held camera was important because it is more portable then a regular camera. It is also easier to use. And sense the hand held camera is smaller is is much more convent to use and to carry around.

Light bulb 1879

Thomas Edison

The light bulb was important because it was a significant achievement in human history. It illuminated candles and oil lamp which can be much more hazardous. It also created a easier way to access light.  

Automatic Steam Engine Lubricator 1872

Elijah McCoy

The automatic steam engine lubricator was significant because it helped train go without stopping. And it also made it less dangerous.

Airplane 1903

Wilbur and Orville Wright

This invention was important because it lead to a new way of transportation. With airplanes you can travel much further and faster than a car or in fact any other form of transportation. The airplane also became a new way of fighting in wars.

Sewing Machine  1844

Elias Howe

The sewing machine was significant because it allowed people to make clothes better and faster. The sewing machine also made making fabric much easier. Without the sewing machine our clothes would be not as good of quality as they are now.

Telegraph 1836

Samuel Morse

The telegraph was important because it allowed people to communicate. This invention also led us to the telephone.

Gasoline Car 1893

Charles and Frank Duryea

The gasoline powered car was significant because it allowed people to get around quickly. This made trade much easier. It also enhanced communication.

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